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Aladdin restaurant old Jaffa: What's for dinner?

A rich variety of Mediterranean styled Sea-food, Grilled Meat and salads all with the unique Aladdin expertise which will leave you with the most wonderful taste experience.

The meal at Aladdin Restaurant begins with a variety of salads integrating traditions of Greek, Italian and other Mediterranean traditions. The large dishes are served with fresh vegetables coated with spicy sauces, lemon juice and home made olive oil prepared traditionally. The salad variety includes the famous Greek salad with Bulgarian cheese (salty white cheese), tuna salad with slices of hard boiled eggs with lemon, and a Mushroom & nut salad. The salads are just enchanting and delicious.

The Aladdin pickles are made personally by Abraham, one of the restaurant's partners, what gives them a special appetizing taste. And last but not least obviously the Humus and Tehina salads with home made seasoning.

If you feel like starting off with a hot dish you must try the special fish soup which is prepared by a secret recipe. We allow some time for digestion and on to the main courses.

Any gourmet will rave over the sea-food dishes. Shrimps, calamari, oysters and crabs, fried and served in a choice of several sauces. Adding wine into the dishes is part of the unique taste of the sea-food dishes.

The juicy grilled fish variety prepared by unique in house knowledge will definitely confuse the fish addicts about their choice.

Meat lovers will enjoy a large variety of grilled meat led by juicy beef steak and pullet steak all served with a choice of sources. The home made Kebab meatballs and the spiced grilled chicken breast are served with a delicate green salad, vegetables, potatoes or French fries.

Vegetarians will enjoy a variety of tasty dishes including Falafel with a delicate green salad, vegetables and French fries. The roasted home made eggplant is served with season vegetables and sweet pepper. Any one of the salads, mainly the Greek salad could easily fill you up as your main course.

The best Israeli wines are waiting for you, enriching the flavor that good food requires for a perfect delight.

No meal is complete without a sweet rich desert. Your choices are blintzes filled with cheese and apple, or a variety of soft cream flavors or ice-cream. Tea and Coffee are obvious

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מסעדת אלדין ביפו העתיקה
מסעדת אלדין יפו העתיקה
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The Menu
  • Appetizers: 24 - 39 N.I.S (Humus, Phalaphel, Labane, Shrimps tempura...).
  • Salads: 31 - 62 N.I.S (Tuna salad, Greek salad, and more)
  • Soups: 32 N.I.S.
  • Seafood: 65 - 87 N.I.S (Shrimps in special sauce, Calamari, shrimps in sour cream, Seafood and mussels soup).
  • Fish: 78 - 94 N.I.S
  • Succulent meat courses: 49 - 92 N.I.S (Steaks , Entrecote, Home made shish kebab and On flames Schnitzel).
  • Israeli wines and Alcoholic drinks
  • Hot drinks and desserts
Aladin Restaurant, 5 Mifratz Shlomo (2 min' walk from the clock tower) Tel: 03-682-67-66
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