Restaurant Aladin
Aladin Restaurant מסעדת אלדין

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Aladin Restaurant, A journey to an Ancient city.

Aladin Restaurant in old jaffa.
Aladin Restaurant - The open veranda.
Aladin restaurant - The TelAviv bay.

In the heart of the Old city of Jaffa, in an ancient, 600 year old building, we welcome you to the Aladin restaurant. The restaurant opened its doors more than 40 years ago, attracting many guests, who, in return, have sent many more patrons over the years.

The Aladin restaurant is situated on a hillside above the sea, from which one has a spectacular view of the Tel Aviv bay. From the open veranda one can see the beautiful Tel Aviv promenade and its many hotels along the lovely long sea shore

Every hour has its own special beauty. During the day, you'll enjoy the calming turquoise blue of the sea, and in the background, the speckled houses of Tel Aviv. At twilight, you can see the sunset in all its glory, as the sea becomes a deeper blue, and, in the evening the lights of Tel Aviv reflected in the Mediterranean, setting a wonderfully romantic tone.

The combination of all these attributes, in addition to the characteristic design of the enchanting 600 year old building, as well as the truly romantic atmosphere the restaurant inspires, gives you an unparalleled experience. Serenity, tranquility and positive energies prevail, as the guests themselves often report

After wandering on the picturesque streets of ancient Jaffa with houses in the eastern style, enjoying its sea landscape, going down to the port, where black stones - Rock Andromeda, are seen, you won’t wish to part with fairy-tale.

To continue the charm of this fantastical and surprising place you can in the restaurant “Aladin”. The combinations of the coziness of interior with delicious kitchen, mild illumination of old lamps, coolness of the sea cave make a quiet and pleasant atmosphere. And for the sea breeze lovers there are two open verandas, where you can enjoy Tel-Aviv skyscrapers and its coast. After having meals, being cooked according to the old recipes, you will be absorbed in the atmosphere of the far past, you will feel like a traveler, who has found his relaxation and coolness in the oasis, like an immigrant, who went off the ship in the Holy Land and like a simple visitor in the far fairy country.

Aladin Restaurant, 5 Mifratz Shlomo (2 min' walk from the clock tower) Tel: 03-682-67-66
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